Reviews from those who had used our services (weddings, events, etc…).


Federica and Daniele



Serena and Simone












Alice and Mayur


“Patrizia proved to be a perfect and capable wedding planner to satisfy every our request.”










“Excellent wedding planner – Patrizia has shown herself an excellent professional and always available wedding planner. She was able to satisfy all our wishes. I suggest her warmly!”

Wedding Wire Reviews

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Gennaro e Rouki

“Patrizia was involved in the whole organization of the wedding. Our tastes and requests have always found the best solution. The enthusiasm of her support and the care of each and any detail was present at all times.”

Elena and Oscar

“Beautiful experience. Patrizia Mariano and Isabel are the angels.
I love them.
The perfect wedding in Portugal.
Thank you”

Fabio Sommovigo – A perfect day in Lisbon. 

“With great professionality Patrizia and her collaborator, Mariano managed to achieve the dreams of our marriage in Lisbon. Everything was almost perfect.”

Mary – Partnership for party

“FutureEmotion is a very professional company.
We realized several events together and we have been fully satisfied.
Highly recommended!”

Patrizia MomiglianoOur experience with Futureemotion WP

“The first time my husband and I met Patrizia Leonardi, the owner of Futureemotion WP, we realized that we had met the right person. Very professional, careful to our needs and at the same time with a lot of creativity. The expenditure we had decided was respected and we were assisted at every step during our wedding. Thank you Patrizia Leonardi! Patrizia e Massimo Momigliano.”

Passerini Giancarla – Excellent!

“Where dreams come true…
Professionalism and courtesy at your service”

Sara Gazo – Highly recommended!

“Professionality, kindness, and creativity courted by passion and optimism! Patrizia is a real professional who puts her knowledge and experience at your service, always with a smile on her lips. I was amazed by the amount of effort, creativity, and, let’s be honest, patience (you know what I mean) she puts into her job. Trust her, and she’ll make sure your wedding day truly is the best ever!”

Claudio and EnricoEverything is perfect!

“We can recommend this agency for several reasons. First, the owner is very professional and our ceremony was exactly what we were dream of since years. He thought to all the details and all our guests were happy and satisfied. Than she followed step by step all our wish mading them all true. Thanks again for all you did and our sweet memories.”

Giovanni ed Elvira – Eccezionale!

“Very good to hear from your side and the team specializes in your team and the company is fantastic”

Luca – Number One!

“A very prepared Wedding planner who knows how to take care of every wedding event in the smallest detail.”


Daniela and Luca

E-mail (extract):

“We contacted “Future Emotion” at the end of August 2019 with the idea of ​​celebrating the wedding in Lisbon but we accepted the idea of ​​getting married in Porto listening to the advice, which turned out to be correct, from Patrizia, the owner of this company… The aspect related to the Documentation… was clear and easy thanks to the Future Emotion Collaborator Mariano who assisted us on-site…We had requested a different wedding… and they satisfied us… We thank everyone, Patrizia and Mariano, make-up artists, photographers, and talented singer.”


Manuela and Davide


“We thank you for all the excellent work done for us in such a practical and well-organized way…thanks again for everything.”



A. and F.


“Dear Patrizia,

….we would like first of all to thank you for the developed job and for the care dedicated to the organization of our event, that certainly presented some complexity.

We would like to extend a unique appreciation for some things that operated very well. There a beautiful ceremony and the lunch we have fully enjoyed the restaurant. The preparations were wonderful, sugared almonds and cake tables included. Foods and beverages were all very good ones. The moments were suitable and we think that it also was thanks to your direction.

The cartographic has proved to be an exceptional intuition, a supplier of quality and very professional.

Also, the apartments were very comfortable and well connected with the centre of town. These aspects have made our bright event as the city that has entertained us.”


Wedding Anniversary

Giancarla and Dario


“A perfectly sweet table and a wonderful location for our 50th wedding anniversary. Thank you to Patrizia for your care and kindness!!”





“We would like to express publicly my thanks and congratulation to Patrizia on the well done job for our wedding. We found in Patrizia not only a representative point but also thanks to her kindness, professionalism, education and skills she made our day the best day ever. Furthermore, since our marriage was located in Porto, Portugal, we could certify the professionalism of foreign suppliers that she relies on for abroad celebrations. If you visit this page without knowing Patrizia I suggest to entrust herself in her professionalism, completely. Thanks again Patrizia”



“Very positive experience, professionalism, organisation, care in details and lot of passion in their work. We felt in the family”


“Wonderful! She and her team took care of us from the beginning to the happy event, making us feel part of the family, showing us love and attention. We recommend her to everybody!”

Wedding Anniversary

Elvira and Giovanni

“I have been enthusiastic about the professionalism and the quality of the service in the organisation of our  wedding anniversary. We celebrated on a ferryboat with friends and relatives. Thank you very much, Patrizia, for this original idea!”


Sonia and Carmelo


“Thank you very much! We felt very good! See you soon Sonia and Carmelo”