Cost of a wedding in Italy

The cost of a wedding in Italy is one of the first questions if you want to get married in this country.

A wedding in Italy has a variable average cost that depends on different factors

It is possible to make an indicative estimate but I suggest you ask for average costs only by knowing an exact wedding date.

Probably, the place’s cost is the most variable point. There are places more expensive than others because famous couples got married here, for example. Some places are famous around the world because are cultural or tourist places…

Italy is not only Amalfi Coast, Lake Como, Florence, Venice, Apulia, etc.. but also other wonderful and less expensive places.

An amazing wedding in Italy!


It is important to know where you would like to get married. After, the type and style of the location. 

The location type influences the rental cost



The location type can influence your budget. For example, a luxury venue like a castle or a villa has a rental cost that can start from  2000 euros plus 22% VAT. The cost can change depending on area or region. The rental cost of a villa on Lake Como is more expensive than a villa on Lake Maggiore or on Lake Orta, for example.

Other factors could be the day of the week and the period of the year. Sometimes the rental cost is more expensive at the weekend and the wedding high season. The high season in Italy is from May to September. Also, it is possible there are variable rental costs in different areas of the venue.

Usually, the locations with on-site restaurants have not rental costs, like hotels, restaurants, and farmhouses. The menu costs are starting from 75-80 euros per person. However, there are luxury hotels or restaurants with expensive menu costs. It depends on your budget…


If a venue has no internal restaurant you need catering. I suggest preferring a local catering that will prepare the regional specialty food.

The cost of catering depends on the menu type


The estimate of a menu is starting from 90 euros per person and to add 10% VAT.

Symbolic or civil or religious ceremony

The cost of a symbolic celebrant is starting from 250 euros for a simple ceremony.

If it is civil rite the costs for a ceremony is starting from 200 euros if it is in the town hall.

cost of a destination wedding in italy

The cost is starting from 500 euros for a civil ceremony in the venue.

The religious rite donation is starting from 300 euros for the church. It is possible to celebrate other permitted rites in Italy.


The costs of the flowers can change for a lot of factors. Some locations have amazing outdoor and indoor and it is not necessary to decorate with a lot of flowers. If you celebrate a religious rite the flower decorations will be both in the church and the reception (I suggest moving some flowers to the venue at the end of the ceremony). Other factors can be the number of guests, the flower types, etc…

The costs of the flower decorations are starting from € 1.000 plus 22% VAT for a simple decoration. If it is an elopement the cost is starting from 500 euros plus 22% VAT. The bridal bouquet is starting from 100 euros plus 22% VAT.

Hair and make up

The cost of hair and make-up artists in a salon is starting from 250-300 euros, in location is starting from 400-500 euros.

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Photographer and videomaker

The costs depending on the hours and the type of service. The photo service cost is starting from 1.500 euros plus 22% VAT, the video is starting from 800 euros plus 22% VAT.

If it is an intimate wedding or an elopement you can find the cost of the photo and video services is 800 euros and up, for three hours.


The music cost can change depending on the musician type. It can be a DJ or a live band or a single performer.

The cost is starting from € 1.000 plus 22% VAT and you must add the SIAE cost is about € 250 (SIAE is an Italian tax of music exhibition)

Accommodation and transportation

The accommodation cost depending on the period of booking and on the type of the hotel and can start from 90 euros per room per night in B&B.

Transportation can change according to the type of vehicle, number of guests, kilometers from the airport to the hotel and come back…

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Other additional costs

Printing, favors, bridal dresses, etc.. you can contact me for ideas and suggestions!!


Wedding planner

The wedding planner cost depends on your request. Every wedding planner has different services and costs.

The best wedding planner will be in empathy with you and will turn your dream into reality

My Company can propose both partial and full wedding planner services.

Usually, the first meeting is free. After, if you decide to have Future Emotion as your wedding planner, you must sign our contract for a full wedding service or a partial wedding planner service. For example, you can book a First Consultation Service. This partial service is useful to have suggestions, proposals, and estimates for your wedding. The cost is starting from € 150 and will be deducted if you later decide to add other Future Emotion services.

About other wedding planner services, you can write me to request a quotation!

Your dream wedding in Italy

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