Catholic destination wedding in Italy

You can find a lot of churches in Italy to celebrate your Catholic destination wedding.

If you decide to celebrate your wedding you must know some information about a Catholic ceremony in this country.

The Catholic rite has legal value in Italy and it is possible to register the wedding in the spouses’ country

First step the period

The best time for a wedding in Italy is between May and September if you want an outdoor reception, but also autumn and winter are wonderful seasons. Italian people love to create fantastic decorations for Christmas time and it could be a romantic wintry wedding.

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Second step to option some dates for your Catholic rite

When you decided the period, I suggest establishing some optional dates for the church celebration and the venue.

You must inform if it is possible the celebration because some Priests don’t celebrate the wedding with foreign people.

I recommend asking about the availability of the Priest, it is very important!

A wedding planner can help you to search for the available Priest and the legal paperwork both for a civil and Catholic rite.

In the meantime, you should contact your Priest and talk to them that you would like to get married in an Italian church. Your Priest will write a formal document allowing the celebration of the wedding in Italy

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The best places for your Catholic destination wedding in Italy

Third step the searching for the venue for your reception

An amazing solution could be the Italian lakes.

For example Lake Como, Lake Maggiore, Lake Garda, or the small lakes as Lake Orta.

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Other places could be in Veneto or in the Centre or South of Italy. Tuscany, Umbria, or Marche can propose different churches for a wedding in a medieval or Renaissance church. Or Rome the world capital of the Catholic religion!

What will the language use during the ceremony?

The Priests can speak in Italian or in other languages. If the Priest speaks only in Italian language it is possible to ask an interpreter.

Your Catholic destination wedding in Italy and reception

After the celebration, you can organize your typical Italian reception. Every region has food and beverage traditions.

Also, you can organize events before and after your wedding day. The wedding planner can suggest proposals for your guests and you and organize your Italian destination wedding.

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