The choice of the venue to plan a wedding in Italy

The choice of the venue is a basic start point if you decide to plan a destination wedding in Italy. You must consider different factors thatย will help you to find your dream venue in the “Belpaese” (and also in other countries).

The wedding style will influence every detail of the planning

There are in Italy a lot of venues with different styles.

I suggest thinking of your style before choosing the location. Of course, the choice will be easier if you decide the style of your wedding! It will also influencer the venue set-up or your bridal dress, for example.

You need a style idea for planning a destination wedding in Italy

The style is important to choose the venue and Italian region destination

For example, if you prefer a medieval-style you will choose a castle or a medieval village, named “borgo” in the Italian language. The focus will be Umbria, Tuscany but also Lombardy, Valle D’Aosta, Emilia Romagna…

If you like a neoclassicism style I suggest an 18th-century villa… as the region will be Lombardy, Veneto, for example. It is important to know the regions and areas for planning a wedding in Italy.

The budget and the number of guests can influencer the choice of the location

The choice of the venue depends on the budget and the number of guests. If you found different places for the ceremony and reception you could have more expensive costs for the transportation. The solution could be to organize the celebration and reception at the same location.

The number of guests can increase your budget in a wedding organization.

For example, would you like to pay for the guests’ accommodation? This is a basilar factor of your budget and I suggest to think about it when you decide to organize your wedding in another country.

A wedding planner will be the best professionalย to plan your Italian destination wedding and to evaluate all organizing factors.

I would like to plan a destination wedding in Italy

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