Destination wedding in Italy: Piedmont

Destination wedding in Italy: today, I would like to talk to you about Piedmont, a region situated in Northern Italy.

Piedmont has different natural and artistic places, from mountains to hills and lakes, so as all over parties in Italy.

The region has a lot of Castles and Villas with wonderful scenographies for weddings.

The villas near famous cities and places for wines, sparkling wines, food… for example the famous Alba’s truffle.

For example, you can get married among the vineyards and organize some events before and/or after the wedding visiting the famous Asti’s wine cellars.

My destination wedding in Piedmont

Destination wedding in Italy: Piedmont.

You can get married on Lake Maggiore or Lake Orta. The villas, the amazing scenarios for your wedding…

Lake Maggiore is the second-largest Italian lake. There are three little islands in the middle of the lake, named Borromean Islands that you can visit… Why not celebrate a ceremony in one of the Borromean Islands? Or organize a wedding on the boat?

The lake can be a classical destination (I suggest a historic villa with a garden lake view… It’s a romantic idea!), but you can choose a castle or a villa in the countryside if you wish for a rustic style wedding… for example a country or a shabby chic style.

Also, I suggest Italian food and wine for your reception. Piedmont’s products are famous around the world!

What is the weather in Piedmont during spring and summer?

Generally July and August are very hot seasons. I suggest May, June and the half of September but also a “B” plan in case of the rain and bad weather.

In this case, you will need enough indoor place for the ceremony if it is in the venue, and for the reception.

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