How to plan a Destination Wedding in Italy

Planning a Destination Wedding in Italy means organizing a wedding in one of the most places around the world!

Romantic landscapes, good food, wine, art, and culture everywhere…

Planning a Destination Wedding in Italy

Great experience! But how to plan a Destination Wedding in Italy?

Below some suggestions to start your wedding organization.

The Wedding planner choice is basilar to start the planning

I think it is important to start with an Italian wedding planner, a perfect intermediary between the vendors and you. The wedding planner can suggest the venue according to your style, the vendors, and proposals to organize your wedding dream.

Planning your destination wedding in Italy

You must think about what it will be the ceremony type

The ceremony type is an important aspect of your wedding in Italy

  • The civil wedding

You must inform about which will be the documents and the civil paperwork. It depends on your nationality. Usually, it required to “Nulla Osta” certificate of non-impediment that certifies that there are no obstacles to marriage. You must have passports and marriage affidavit in the Embassy or in the Consulate of your country. It is very different legal requirements and I suggest informing you before through your Embassy or Consulate. You can also ask your wedding planner what legal paperwork will you need. More information for civil weddings and for civil unions.

  • Religious wedding

I suggest asking if it is possible to celebrate the religious ceremony. Some Catholic priests do not celebrate the wedding of foreign people. The wedding planner will suggest the places for your Catholic ceremony. Regarding other religions, the Italian government admits some non-Catholic rites (you will have to ask). If it is not admitted you can celebrate a symbolic rite. More information here.

how to plan a Destination Wedding in Italy?

  • Symbolic rite

The symbolic rite has no legally valid in Italy and in your country. You can get married in your country and symbolize your union through this rite type in a magical set-up…Or after a civil wedding in Italy, for example. I think is the easiest system for getting married in Italy.

After the ceremony a very Italian wedding reception

Italy has different food traditions! These traditions can change according to the season and Italian region. Usually, there will salami or prosciutto types, pasta, and meats or fishes. A good catering will suggest the best solution. At the end of the reception, there will be a cake cutting and amazing almond favors.

As a wedding planner can help you to organize a very traditional wedding reception!!


The venue must be chosen according to your style and wishes… There are in Italy different scenarios for your wedding. For example villas, farmhouses, castles, etc…

Planning a destination wedding in Italy

I will suggest how to do to choose the dream venue for your wedding day in another blog post…follow me!!

How to plan your wedding in Italy? Contact me

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