Ideas for a wedding in Venice

We were in Venice some days ago and invited to an event for the wedding professionals.

Venice is a romantic destination for weddings.

It’s not easy the management of the logistic aspects in Venice. The city has a lot of canals, and we suggest having a planner and local supplier to manage all logistics.

There are in Venice historic venues. It’s an ideal destination for luxury weddings.

Venice is a cultural and artistic city. A lot of the venues are historic buildings and hotels.

If you desire a wedding in Venice, we suggest living an experience for you and your guests. You can also organize a tour to know this city.

For example, it’s an idea to organize an intimate wedding or event on a Venetian Galleon. The Galleon is a typical boat and a different vision of the city with its canals. If it’s raining, no problem. The Galleon has a cover, heating, and glass windows.

Your wedding could be with a Venice view of the sea! What do you think about it?

Venice is a unique city for your wedding or event.

We will organize your wedding in Venice through the collaboration of professional vendors. Venice will be the perfect scenario for your wedding day.

We suggest staying in Venice for three days minimum. The best solution could be four or five days to visit this wonderful city. A wonderful experience for you and your guests!

What are you waiting for? Contact us now to organize your wedding in Venice

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