New trends in the wedding industry

With the arrival of the new decade, we will examine the most significant changes that are likely to occur in the wedding industry.

Although the timeless features of weddings, such as floral displays, will remain popular, many others will gradually be replaced with new elements.

Since the beginning of the year, many new concepts have emerged that will have a huge impact on our perceptions and consequently our lifestyles.

As the wedding industry as a creative sector is continuously looking for new ideas to keep weddings as vivid and exciting as possible, let’s take a look at 10 of the latest wedding trends.

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1- Earthly

As the global environmental movement and concern for the planet will only continue to grow, one of the trendiest goals for weddings will be to achieve sustainability and eco-friendliness. Wedding planners, in collaboration with suppliers, now try to present low-waste options to engaged couples. For example, recycling items or choosing non-traditional floral decorations, such as dried flowers. An advantage of using dried flowers is that more interesting colour palettes and textures are available compared to fresh flowers. Another option would be to use vegetable and herb displays or potted plants rather than cut flowers, thereby adding alternative, more organic scents to the setting.

2- Mellow hue

2020 marks the time to move on from the conventional white, gold, and pastels to a more diverse range of shades and colours, such as neo mint, millennial pink, bright yellow, faded denim, earthy undertones, or even edgy effects such as metallic or neon. Also, the use of patterns is getting really popular now, and they are being used for dresses, furniture, ceremony backdrops, and even smaller elements like napkins.

Most interestingly, however, matching maid dresses are becoming fast outdated and so it’s easier to just leave theย bridesmaids free to decide themselves on what they want to wear on your big day.

3- Lighting

Candlelight still has its charm, but adding neon lights or spotlights to the dance floor will create a more lively atmosphere for your wedding. An option could be the play of lights, more ecological and suggestive than the fireworks that are not always allowed by the venues.

4- Micro wedding

A trend in the last times probably confirmed in the next years. There will be weddings with a lot of guests yet but especially in the near future, the number of big weddings will be less frequent.

The planning for a big wedding is more difficult and expensive even if you have a big family and a lot of friends. Therefore, trendier weddings nowadays are more intimate occasions with less than 40 guests. A unique experience can best be had with your nearest and dearest, particularly if you have a destination wedding.

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5- Menu

Edible flowers have grown in popularity in recent years as it’s nice to have colorful flowers frozen in ice, in salads or topping off desserts. Dinners with fewer seated courses will also end up being less complicated for serving the dishes and of course, would end up saving you money too. Molecular gastronomy, fusion cuisine, show cooking or self-service cocktail bars are some trendy options available, among others. Remember also to offer an inclusive menu for those guests with special dietary needs.

6- Remix set

Instead of having round or long tables, you could come up with your own unique design, such as an ‘X’ shape. Ceiling decorations and round or triangular ceremony structures are also becoming trendy now (always respecting the context in which you are).

7- Videography

Videography is becoming as important like photography and more and more couples now want wedding videos with drone footage complete with artistic edits and music.

8- Mysticism

Feelgood energy and spiritually-charged vibes are a somewhat different and unusual trend currently emerging.ย  By adding other elements such as crystals on the tables as gifts, a Sage Smudging ceremony (a practice dating back to Native Americans), Palo Santo incense, or other mystic elements, your wedding will be blessed with fortune for the future. The presence of Tarot cards and palm hand readers can also serve to entertain curious guests.

9- No traditional wedding dress

Many brides have started adding special hair accessories such as barrettes and combs and selecting asymmetric dresses or even jumpsuits! Some add their favorite colours or accessories to their dresses or even an exaggerated, long veil.ย  Nowadays it’s all about being creative and daring to wear a dress that’s truly radical.

10- Welcome bags

To make your guests feel more involved and have more fun, instead of or to add of giving everyone the same gifts at the end, or in addition to these gifts, you can prepare the useful and exciting welcome bags to give them at the beginning. They would certainly appreciate the gesture of receiving a more personalized item that reflects you as a married couple, such as a reminder of your love story, or even something that they can use during the party, like a warm scarf or a fan.

New trends in the wedding industry – How to get organized?

The best advice, however, is to choose a wedding planner who will help you select the most suitable suppliers for your wishes and budget.

By finding a good wedding planner who is capable of delivering the style you want, your wedding will have a cohesive look.

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Remember, it’s one of the biggest days of your life and therefore focuses on making it as much fun as possible for yourself and your guests. Try to have fun even during the planning phase and most importantly, don’t get stressed!

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