Wedding dream in Lombardy

Lombardy is a wonderful region in Northern Italy for a dream wedding in the countryside or on the lakes.

This Italian region has different places to organize your wedding

A great destination wedding!

For example a wedding on famous Lake Como or in other lakes. You can get married in the lakes district: Lake Como, Lake Maggiore, Lake Iseo, Lake Garda.

The villas in Liberty style, but also castles in wonderful places. I suggest an outdoor event on the night when the lights and colors can mix, creating unique scenarios. An indoor place in case of the rain

You can find in Lombardy other locations and scenarios.

If you prefer a countryside scenario, for example, you can find the villas or castles in the Brianza area, between Milan and Lake Como, with the famous gardens in Italian style. I suggest a wedding in Spring or Summer or Autumn: the color change according to the different seasons…

The hills among the vineyards in Oltrepò Pavese, famous for salami and wine (Bonarda).

Franciacorta is famous for wines and sparkling wines.

The Alps in Valtellina for a winter wedding among the snow!

Would you like to get married in Milan?

Milan is the Italian fashion shopping Capital.

A wedding in a historic restaurant or building and to make the pictures in Duomo or in Sforzesco Castle…

Lombardy is a wonderful Italian region where you can find different places for your wedding

It is possible to organize events before and after the wedding day.

You can do a lake tour on the boat or visit a city. Not only Milan but also Como, Pavia, Lodi, Cremona, etc…

You can visit a winery in Franciacorta or in Oltrepò. A true Italian experience with food and wine tour

My dream wedding in Lombardy

Photo credits: Salvatore Ponessa Studio – Diagaz

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