Would you like to get married on Lake Como?

The wedding day is a magical moment for you and it’s very important to search for a dream place for your event.

You can find a romantic atmosphere on Lake Como Italy wedding destinations

Lake Como is the most known Italian lake thank to American actor George Clooney. It is a destination wedding for a lot of foreign couples from the USA, UK, India, Russia, etc…

Usually, the venues on Lake Como are the villas, castles on the lakeshore, or on lake view.


Lake Como Italy wedding destinations

How to organize a wedding on Lake Como?

If your guests and you are from a foreign country, I suggest renting a bus to arrive at Lake Como and to stay in a hotel near the venue especially if you are a lot of guests.

It’s unlikely to find the accommodation and reception at the same location on Lake Como because in most cases there are only historical villas with few rooms or without the rooms.

What are the costs?

The costs depend on different factors that could be the period or how many guests will be there, etc…

How will be the climate?

The climate depends on the season. The best month for a wedding is from April to September but you could find variable weather. Usually, July and August are very hot months! I suggest searching for a venue with suitable indoor and outdoor places for your wedding reception.

What to do on Lake Como?

Como is a very nice town! I suggest a Lake Como tour on the boat and to visit Bellaggio, Varenna, etc…

You can visit Milan, for example, the “Quadrilatero della moda” with the most famous Italian fashion brands or Brera, Duomo, Sforzesco Castle if you prefer an artistic tour… Also, if you would like to visit a museum we can search for priority tickets for your guests and you.

My wedding on Lake Como

There are also other lakes in Northern Italy: Lake Maggiore, Lake d’Orta, Lake Garda, Lake Iseo.

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