Entertainment on your wedding day

The entertainment for weddings is useful, and it makes the wedding day interesting.

The music is unique entertainment, especially sitting at the table all day. The entertainment is important for the guests, and it’s not only the music.

What to do to amaze guests during the wedding day: 5 ideas 

There are other types of wedding entertainment in addition to the DJ. 

Idea 1: it could be an original welcome with actors or an amazing surprise for you and your guests.

Idea 2: If it’s a 1700s villa, actors or dancers can wear traditional clothing and play or dance during the event. If it is an evening event, there can be a surprise performance by dancers who move in the dark, the so-called “Bright ladies”.

Idea 3: The laser show. It is a high-impact show, where laser images move to the sound of the music. The laser show can be used, inside and outside of the venue. It is an alternative to fireworks, which are not always allowed at the venues.

Idea 4: Different fireworks creates a festive atmosphere. You must first check if the venue will allow the fireworks. For example, an option could be luminous fountains.

Idea 5: music. Bands can play different live genres, jazz, rock, folk, classical, etc… that you can customise for different moments on your wedding day. For example, jazz music is like a background during the aperitif.

The entertainment for children during the wedding day

Usually, the ceremony and reception are boring for children. We recommend having professional entertainers, who offer various games and activities, for groups of more than 5 children between 3 to 10 years old. 

Children will be entertained and supervised, while their parents enjoy the wedding. Some venues recommend children entertainers. It’s also recommended to avoid damages or children could get hurt on the wedding day.

How much does it cost for entertainment on a wedding day? Request a quotation: 

The total budget can also influence the type of entertainment. The costs of the wedding entertainment can change according to your wishes. A live band is more expensive than a DJ, or a laser show, or fireworks…

The Future Emotion wedding planner can evaluate your wishes and create a budget for your special wedding day. 

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