Symbolic wedding celebrant: trust in a professional celebrant!

How to choose a wedding celebrant?

A mayor or representative can be a wedding celebrant. In this case, the place of the ceremony will be the municipal town or an authorized venue. Usually, the civil ceremony is easy and without emotions. The mayor read law articles only. Sometimes you can delegate a celebrant for an emotional ceremony after the civil wedding. If it’s a symbolic ceremony, it will be without legal value. The celebrant could be a relative or friend, but they must know the symbolic rites. A professional celebrant will celebrate an unforgettable ceremony for you and your guests.


What is a symbolic ceremony?

A symbolic ceremony is a rite without legal value. Usually, it celebrates after a religious or civil ceremony. The couple can customize the symbolic ceremony. 

The moments of a symbolic ceremony:

  1. The entrance of the couple with music
  2. Reading the articles of law (optional)
  3. Reading of the witnesses
  4. The vows of the spouses
  5. The symbolic ritual such as candles, sand, etc.
  6. The final formula

The Future Emotion wedding planner will help you choose the symbolic rite according to your wishes and the style of the venue.

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Who can celebrate a symbolic wedding?

Adults can celebrate a symbolic wedding. You can choose a celebrant among your friends or relatives. However, the best idea is to trust in a professional celebrant who customizes your ceremony according to your wishes.  

Authorization for a civil ceremony

The municipality can authorize to celebrate a civil ceremony. In this case, the representative must be an Italian citizen with a clean criminal record. If the celebrant is the mayor, you can have a symbolic ceremony after the civil rite.

A friend for your ceremony

You can trust in a wedding celebration to your friend, but a professional celebrant can interpret your wishes and needs.

If you desire your friend, you can ask for our consultation. We can prepare the ceremony without our presence during the wedding day (the consultation service). Ask now for more information! 


Trust in a professional celebrant for your ceremony

A professional celebrant can prepare your ceremony.

In this case, the service includes:

  1. The Basic Service: consultation for the ceremony and celebration
  2. The Complete Service:
    • consultation for the ceremony and celebration.
    • planning and decoration of the ceremony area. At the end of the ceremony, we will remove decorations and move the flowers to the reception area.

We write your vows and every emotional moment of the ceremony.


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