Wedding in Italy

Italy is a very coveted destination, not only for worldwide tourism but also for the couples who desire to get married here. 

The “Bel Paese” will be an ideal setting for your dream wedding, whether if you are an Italian couple or from a foreign country or an Italian couple resident abroad. 

Why get married in Italy?

Getting married in Italy is a unique destination, where you can choose the ideal setting for your luxury wedding day. Italy has unique areas compared to other countries around the world. Lakes, mountains, sea, cities of arts etc, and in addition to culture and art, that you also feel in villas, castles, resorts… It will be an unforgettable experience for your wedding. 

Also, there is a variety of food that you cannot find in other countries. Typical food and unforgettable places will be the principal features of your Italian wedding.

Where is the best place for getting married in Italy? 

There are more well-known areas like Lake Como, Tuscany, Amalfi Coast, but there are also cities of art like Rome, Florence, and Venice. Over the last years, other areas have become famous like Apulia or Umbria. These regions have a high-quality level for weddings. There are less-known regions or areas, which offer excellent services and unique venues. 

Discover more about our weddings in Italy:

You can discover beautiful places or less well-known areas that will offer an unforgettable experience for you and your guests – with the assistance of the Future Emotion wedding planner

Can foreign couples get married in Italy?

Yes, you can get married with a civil or symbolic or religious ceremony. 

The civil ceremony will be at the town hall or in some authorized venues. There is different legal paperwork according to your country. The religious ceremony will be Catholic or other religions which are allowed by the Italian Govt. Also, it is possible to get married in your country and celebrate a symbolic wedding in Italy. The Future Emotion company can celebrate your symbolic rite…*

How to organize a wedding in Italy? 

Firstly, we suggest choosing an area where you would like to get married or to give approximate indications for example a wedding close to the water or in the middle of the countryside. A budget is very important for your choice. 

Secondly, do you wish for a civil or symbolic, or religious ceremony? A religious ceremony can be through a Catholic rite or a ceremony of another religion. It’s important to verify, if the ceremony of another religion, is admitted by the Italian Govt. You can celebrate a symbolic rite if the Italian authority does not admit your religious ceremony.

Regarding a Catholic ceremony, you must verify if the priest will marry non-resident couples. Unfortunately, it depends on the local priest, in the area, you decide to get married. 

The solution is to find a church, which will be available, or to get married at the church in your own country and organize a symbolic ceremony in Italy.

Usually, the civil wedding is in a town hall, but it is possible to find a venue for a legal ceremony.

You can celebrate your civil rite in a villa, on the beach, etc… and integrate it with a small symbolic ceremony.

Lastly, you must choose the vendors that will collaborate with you on your wedding day.

The costs for a wedding in Italy: ask now for a quote.

The costs to organize a wedding in Italy can change according to the chosen place and the type of wedding. 

For example, a wedding at Lake Como or in Tuscany is more expensive than in other areas. When choosing a villa, the costs may increase. The Future Emotion company can help you to find the best solution for your needs as a couple.

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