Wedding in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a destination for a wedding on the beach or in natural and artistic places.

We can find temples, ancient buildings, and fortresses that describe the history of ancient Ceylon and religions of Buddhism and Hinduism.

Whereas inland of Sri Lanka is rich in wonderful forests, there are a lot of tropical beaches in the coastal areas…

The Future Emotion Agency can organize your wedding in Sri Lanka thanks to the help of our local partner, Tricia W. from Trizzle Designs. We will help you with handling paperwork and take care of all event organization.

We can suggest the best solution for your guests and you about wedding planning, accommodation, transportation, etc.

A civil wedding in one of the fantastic and comfortable resorts of Sri Lanka. It is possible to pass some days with your guests and to add an unforgettable honeymoon after your wedding.

You could organize a romantic elopement… The Future Emotion will help you with your elopement in Sri Lanka!

Your wedding in Sri Lanka

Getting married in Sri Lanka: wedding and honeymoon.

You can visit beautiful places and extraordinary landscapes.

For example, the Aluvihara Temple means “light temple”, one of the most famous and ancient temples of Sri Lanka, situated in the middle of lush nature.

Or the less known Buddhist building in Medigiriya, named Vatadage and built to host the Buddha’s relics. Or the ancient Nalanda Gedge Temple where you can find a wonderful fusion between Hinduism and Buddhism religions. Or the ancient city of Polonnaruwa that is Unesco heritage.

The Maduru Oya National Park or the Kumana National Park or Kaudulla National Park could be interesting to see the elephants and other typical animals… We suggest for nature lovers!

The island offers a unique experience but also an unforgettable honeymoon.

The Future Emotion will help you organize your wedding on this magical island thanks to our network and business partner Trizzle Designs in Sri Lanka.

Your wedding and honeymoon in Sri Lanka

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