Wedding Planner Future Emotion your wishes come true

Wedding planner Future Emotion will help you to realize your wishes suggesting the best solutions for your dream wedding.

Your magical “I do” without the stress that you will live with every organizing moment together. The Future Emotion company will be your consultant, will solve organizational problems through all vendors’ connections to create a dream wedding day for your guests and you.

The half-hour first exploratory meeting will be useful to know us and to define the guideline budget. The meeting will be to understand your needs, wishes, and budget (it will an extra time of € 50,00/hour for the duration greater than one-hour). After we will send you an estimate of our partial or full services. If there will be partial services you can complete after with other wedding planner services.

Our wedding planner packages are all customizable according to your needs and budget.


First consultation

The First Consultation service is after the preliminary meeting and includes costs and proposals of venues and wedding vendors according to your budget and wishes. We will send you the proposals and after will book another meeting to explain there with our suggestions for your wedding day.

The First consultation meeting will be by video call and for one hour maximum (extra time cost is € 50/hour). We will help you in the first period of your wedding organization.

The cost of this service is starting from € 200,00 (it depends on the request type), which you must pay in advance and we can deduct if you decide to use other Future Emotion services after the First Consultation.

Wedding day coordination service

It includes:

  • timeline planning of the ceremony and wedding reception for the vendors and couple
  • coordination and management of all vendors during the wedding day
  • supervision and take care of every detail about the wedding coordination
  • design of the tableau the mariage and printing coordination
  • design and set-up of the wedding cake table and little detail (it will be a rental cost of the decoration objects)

The cost of this service is starting from € 1000. 

Full Wedding Planner Service

This service includes all the services of the First consultation, Wedding Day Coordination, and also:

  • a complete budget planning
  • planning and organization of the event
  • meeting organization with the wedding vendors and assistance of the Future Emotion company
  • management of the vendors’ agreements
  • vendors management
  • style and organization details of the event
  • problem-solving
  • coordination of the vendors during the organization period
  • 24-hour assistance during the Future Emotion agreement
  • suggestions about the wedding organization
  • …..

Customizable Future Emotion estimate. 

Elopement Service

This service can include:

  • the searching for the venue of your romantic intimate wedding
  • the searching for all the vendors and management
  • planning and organization of the wedding day
  • planning and organization of the events before and after the wedding day
  • coordination and taking care of all detail during the elopement

We can choose the partial services only.

Customizable Future Emotion estimate